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Veritas Press Bible Curriculum

by Marlin and Laurie Detweiler

Review by Martha Robinson

Veritas Press Bible Curriculum Set of flashcards, CD, and PDF version of teacher's manual -- $44, or components may be purchased separately, available from Veritas Press.

The second grade set, Genesis through Joshua, was provided for this review.

The Veritas Press Bible Curriculum provides a straightforward method of memorizing a total of 160 Biblical events with the complete five year program. The goal in the Veritas Press Bible and history curricula is to integrate events found in Scripture with historical events not recorded in Scripture. The student will then be able to see God's sovereignty today based upon His work in the past.

The curriculum has several parts that may be purchased as a set or separately. The 32 flashcards are 5" x 8" cardstock. Artwork illustrating the event is shown on the front along with a large title and color-coded stripes. The stripes indicate if the card is found in just the Bible set or is repeated in the history set. On the back of each card, there is a sequence number for the set (and the history set if applicable), an overview of the event, and books for further study. Ten references are recommended for this set in addition to the New Geneva Study Bible. Seventeen of the cards are duplicated in the history set.

The audio tape is an appealing song that goes through each of the events in chronological order. The event is briefly described along with where it is found in the Bible. Dates are also sung beginning with the "Call of Abram."

Although the cards and tape have been available for several years, Emily Fischer of Veritas Press completed the teacher's manual for this set in the summer of 2001. This 300-plus paged paperback is reproducible within the homeschool. [Editor's note: A PDF version of the Teacher's Manual is now included on the CD. A paperback copy is available for an additional $24.95.]

The manual begins with suggestions as to how to teach the class. In general, one card should be covered per week. Children should sing the song daily for the first few weeks until memorized and then should recite the events in order. A grading scheme including composition and spelling is discussed. The author suggests that the teacher may have to do the exercises orally with the second grade student and write the answer down for him or her at the beginning of the book, but that the teacher should wean the child of this within weeks. The use of this program in churches is introduced, and a section of "go-home" flyers for Sunday school students is referenced in the back of the manual.

Both hands-on and workbook type activities are included for the weekly lessons corresponding to a card. The first activity is always a worksheet in which questions are asked about the Biblical event, and the child is expected to write answers in complete sentences. The second activity requires the student to read a passage in the Bible and apply what he or she has read to another worksheet, puzzle, artwork, or sentence composition. The third and fourth activities are "projects" involving artwork, art appreciation, charts, dioramas, a matching project with the Westminster Shorter Catechism, drama, and so on. The fifth section of the weekly lesson is for the essay-style test. Questions are proposed and the student is, once again, expected to answer in complete sentences with correct spelling.

In the back of the teacher's manual, the lyrics to the song on audio tape are shown along with answers to the exercises and tests. The Sunday school flyers complete the book.

Recommendation: The Veritas Press Bible Curriculum provides a flexible framework for Bible study in the homeschooling family. Because components are sold separately, the family may choose to use the resources recommended or mix and match with materials of the family's choice. Because of the overlap of cards between the Bible and history programs at the second grade level, it would be possible for the budget conscious family to buy the cards of one set and the cassettes of both sets and be able to fill in the gaps. The teacher's manual is certainly not required, but it has many interesting projects that will make the material more fun to learn. Veritas Press supports a Reformed Protestant theology, but their materials could easily be used, with slight modification, by other denominations.

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