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Essential Bible Reference Library

by Moody Publishers

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: The Essential Bible Reference Library boxed set of four books. $64.99 list price. Please support by buying this set from our Amazon affiliate link.

The Essential Bible Reference Library is a set of four compact, hardcover books in a colorful box. Together these provide resources for Bible study in homeschooling families. The books are detailed below.

The Essential Bible Manners and Customs by Ralph Gower. 304 pages. The family life section of the book gives a tremendous amount of information about food, dwellings, vocations, clothing, money, and much more. In the Institutions and Customs section, the reader can form a mental picture of Biblical times with a survey of how towns were set up; travel; warfare; and governmental, political, and social groups. The rituals of the Jewish faith are explained. Colorful drawings, maps, and photographs help to make the material clear.

The Essential Bible Handbook by Merrill F. Unger. 352 pages. This reference provides details for each book of the Old and New Testament. Background, such as who wrote the book and its approximate date, is followed by a detailed outline of the book with information as to the relevance of particular passages.

The Essential Bible Dictionary by Norman Hillyer. 252 pages. This dictionary offers definitions for over 2,400 people and things in the Bible. Color illustrations and black-and-white diagrams enhance the text.

The Essential Bible Atlas by Tim Dowley. 184 pages. Maps, color photographs, and text explain the military campaigns, wanderings of the Jews, and kingdoms of the Old Testament, and the geography of the Gospels and travels of Paul in the New Testament. Brief sections discuss Muslims taking over the Holy Land and Israel today.

Recommendation: The Essential Bible Reference Library will greatly enhance your homeschool. There is SO much information packed into these compact volumes! Written at a level that could easily be read aloud to younger children, these books have a depth that will increase your knowledge and provide points of reference to bring the Bible to life.

Personal Experience: I particularly like the Manners and Customs book and will be implementing it in our daily reading immediately. What a super way to make everyday life in Bible times real to children and adults! resources related to this review:'s Christian Religion Resources Section
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