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Believer's Life System

by Moody Publishers

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Believer's Life System by Moody Publishers. Classic Size Premier edition with one page monthly tabs was reviewed. This book is out of print, but still available on our Amazon affiliate link.

The Believer's Life System is a time management book to help busy people organize their work, home, and spiritual lives. With everything kept in a zippered 8"x10" vinyl notebook, the system is easy to keep with you for quick reference throughout the day. A huge amount of optional pages allow you to customize the system to your needs, and a sampling of the consumable pages is included.

The book begins with a "user guidelines" section in which the system is explained. The primary sections, planning, dates and appointments, activities, and reference, follow in color-coded tabbed areas. Each is detailed below.

  • Planning -- This section includes a quarterly planning calendar in which you record basic "to do" items. The next page, "Writing Your Life Mission Statement," encourages thought about responsibilities, principles, God's plan, and visions of the future. Then, pages for twelve months allow one to write specific goals in the areas of Bible study, spiritual life, church life, family life, finance, work life, and health.
  • Dates and Appointments -- This section comes with a small sample of undated daily pages where you can record appointments, to-do lists, prayer requests, and expenses. A Bible verse is shown at the top of each page along with a place to write today's goal. Optional pages for this section include monthly calendar tabs with Scripture and daily and weekly pages with Scripture. A plastic ruler/marker helps keep track of which day it is.
  • Activities -- A few pages of "to do" lists and note pages are included for use in seven tabs, shown below, that "represent the key areas of life:
    • Bible -- The Bible section has a wealth of wonderful Biblical resources including the entire book of Proverbs (NAS version), a Bible reading plan for one year, a list of "verses for daily living" which give verse references for many issues, and a starter program for memorizing Scripture. A plastic divider with the "Seven Calls of Christ" on it may be used to mark a place for daily reading. Optional sections include the Old and New Testaments, a Bible study program, and additional Bible memory cards.
    • Spiritual Life -- This section is designed to help you draw nearer to God through prayer. Several articles offer information on why we pray, how we should pray, and how to find quiet time with God. A few consumable "Conversing with God" pages are included and have places to record prayer needs and answers. A thirty-one day praise prayer program and a discussion on fasting end this tab. A number of devotionals are available as an option.
    • Church Life -- Articles on why one should attend church, the value of a sermon, and how to find a good church are followed by sermon or Bible study note pages. Information on how to find an "accountability partner" to help you grow in Christ comes next. Finally, there is a place to record names and addresses of people in a small group of believers.
    • Family Life -- This section offers information and hints on having a healthy and loving family life, ways to express love, using God's Word to help say the right thing, and how to make your spouse feel loved. Pages on which to record "vital statistics" of family members and pages for their specific prayer needs, along with family meeting agenda forms and shopping lists, are included.
    • Finance -- An article excerpted from Larry Burkett's writings provides suggestions for "achieving financial freedom." Three monthly income and expense sheets are also included. Larry Burkett's "Financial Planning Kit" may be purchased separately.
    • Blank tab dividers -- Two blank tab dividers let you customize the book for your needs.
  • Reference -- The final section has places to record key information such as phone numbers and addresses, a list of suggested Christian reading, and a list of holidays. Optional items for this section include business card holders and a plastic zip pouch.

Recommendation: The Believer's Life System is a terrific way to get organized AND to improve your spiritual life, by putting Christ first in everyday activities. While it does take some initial reading and setup to get the program going, it will improve your time management dramatically once you get the habit of using it going. resources related to this review:'s Homemaking Resources Section to save money, cook, and care for your family!
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