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Parade of Faith

by Ruth A. Tucker

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Parade of Faith offers fascinating stories of the evolution of the Christian church beginning with Mary, John the Baptist, and Jesus and working through to the present time. The author, Ruth A. Tucker, highlights many figures who were instrumental to the faith during their times and afterwards but who are not likely known today. She also adds tidbits from everyday life to help the reader understand the environment of the period. Direct quotations from historic figures bring to life many controversies and represent multiple perspectives. Each chapter ends with a list of recommended additional reading and a "What if?" section in which the author poses many questions about how the faith would have changed if some of the people had not chosen their particular courses of action. The book ends with a look at evangelization in the twentieth century and the promise of a New Jerusalem at some point in the future.

Parade of Faith is a lengthy text (just under 500 pages) packed with facts, names, and dates; however, it is anything but a standard, dry textbook. Parade of Faith is highly engaging, guaranteed to capture the interest of all who read it. The "What if" questions are bound to promote deep thought as to how the faith came to be where it is and where it could have been if certain people had not lived the way they did.

Recommendation: Parade of Faith is an excellent choice for a spine for church history studies. Using it, homeschooling families can add historical fiction, biographies, and other living books to gain an in-depth knowledge of the formation and continuing evolution of the church. This book will encourage profound thoughts about how one person can change the world through his actions and how today's church relates to the church through history. resources related to this review:'s Christian Religion Resources Section
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