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Christian Studies

by Cheryl and Leigh Lowe

Review by Martha Robinson

Christian Studies by Cheryl and Leigh Lowe. $38.90 for teacher and student book set. Published by Memoria Press. Please support the site by using our affiliate link to Christian Book Distributors.

The Christian Studies program helps families to study the Bible in-depth with grammar-aged students. Using the Golden Children's Bible as a base, this curriculum facilitates study of important facts from Bible history, memory verses, story comprehension emphasizing the lessons taught in the Bible, geography, timelines, and genealogy of people in the Bible. Three books are available, but only Book I and Book II were provided for review.

The authors recommend a five-day teaching schedule for Christian Studies. Reading of the story; introduction of "Facts to Know;" constant review and drill of facts and verses already learned; discussion of the story to ensure comprehension; and various activities including reviewing the illustrations in the Golden Children's Bible; and geography lessons are spread through the week of study.

The student book is a workbook with two pages for each of twenty-five lessons. The Facts to Know section defines geographical locations, Latin terms, people in the story, and terms that may be unfamiliar. The Memory Verse section states the verse(s) and then has several questions to help the student understand the meaning of the selection. The Comprehension Questions section refers to the week's story in the Golden Children's Bible. Finally, the Activities section includes identification of locations on both the globe and a world map, analysis of the illustrations in the story, drawing assignments, and questions that help bring the story and the illustrations together.

Five review lessons are also included in the program. Each review covers the five previous lessons including people, places, and events to know; and memory verses. Activities include writing a name beside a description, matching vocabulary with definitions, filling in a timeline, writing memory verses, and doing map work. "Who said that?" gives the student the opportunity to identify the speaker of a Bible quotation.

The extensive appendices include tools to assist in review. Both Book I and Book II of the Christian Studies series review the verses from Memoria Press's Copybook series in Appendix 1. In each of the other appendices, Book II reproduces all pages from Book I and adds additional material from the second year of study. Topics include Old Testament drill questions, vocabulary, timelines, and maps.

The teacher's book has completed pages from the student book with teaching information in the margins. Background and a summary of the story help the parent identify the key points of the lesson. The vocabulary and geography sections offer suggestions of what to teach, and the "Big Picture" section provides additional verses that apply to the lesson to be read from Scripture. Five review lesson tests and their keys complete the teacher's manual.

Book I of Christian Studies stretches through the first 176 pages of the Golden Children's Bible, from the Creation up to the death of Moses in about 1,400 B.C. Book II picks up with Joshua and continues to the story of Jonah.

Recommendation: While designed for third to sixth graders, Christian Studies has enough meaty material to allow it to be adapted to higher grades with children who would like a stronger background in Bible knowledge. The fortunate child whose parent chooses to implement this program with its constant review will have a truly solid background in Scripture, stronger than many Christian adults in today's world.

Christian Studies III

Christian Studies III continues in the same manner as the previously reviewed programs. It covers the New Testament from Zacharias's vision through Paul's final years in Rome. As would be expected, the comprehension questions and memorization selections become longer and more in-depth. Book III also reviews verses from the Copybook series and has timeline and mapping exercises.

Martha's Recommendation: My family used Christian Studies I last year as part of our morning devotional, and my younger children used the workbooks. This program moved at a pace that let us appreciate the Bible stories and take time to ponder the mysteries of the Lord's work. We truly enjoyed using it, and I know that my children have greater knowledge because of it. resources related to this review:'s Classical Homeschooling Section with resources, links, and ideas for implementing the Christian Trivium's Christian Religion Resources Section
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