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Curricula Resources and Learning Links - History

Index Page


Why Study History?
Excerpt of an article by Alistair Cooke that offers a haunting reminder of the importance of studying history.

Studying AP History
Suggestions for studying for and passing the Advanced Placement history exam for college credit.

Fun Ideas for Studying Ancient Rome and Greece
by Pam P.

History Timelines and History Notebooks
Organizing and using history notebooks.

Inspirational Ideas to Help with History Studies
Ideas for notebooking, timelines, and more!

Heroes and People Who Overcame Obstacles
Inspire your children to study history and to reach higher goals through the study of history!

Recommended American History Textbooks
For use alone or as a spine with living books

Living Books

"Living books" are historically accurate books that bring history to life. They contrast with the dry facts often found in textbooks.

Living History Book Lists Index

Childhood of Famous Americans "Living Books"
Fictionalized biographies of famous people. These are best for second to fifth graders.

Landmark "Living Books"
American and World History books written in an interesting format for fourth to eighth graders. Out of print treasures!

Living Books for American History

Living Books for World History

Signature "Living Books"
Signature books are biographies published in the 1950's to compete with the Landmark series.

Learning Links

American History Links

Ancient Civilization History Links

Christian Church History Links

History Links Index

Sea Travel and Maritime History Links

Timelines and General History Site links

World War I or The Great War Links

World War II Links

World History Links

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"Living History Books"