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Alone With God Bible Study Series

Written by Karen Mohs

Review by Martha Robinson

Alone With God Bible study series by Karen Mohs. Available in the King James Version or New International Version. Comb-bound paperbacks for $6.95 to $20.95. Available from

Karen Mohs, author of Hey Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek, uses a slow and systematic approach in the Alone With God series to provide a simple, but thorough, study of Ruth and Jonah, 1 Samuel, Esther, and Acts of the Apostles. Studies are set up for Monday through Saturday.

A brief portion of a chapter is the subject for the week. Each day begins with asking the student to pray that God will help in studying His Word. The pupil recites or reads the memory verse, one selected from the week's passage, and answers two to five questions. Gray boxes next to the questions add background information and build interest. At the end of each week, a "Think And Pray About It" box asks questions that help the student apply what he has learned to his life.

The Alone With God series includes many weeks of material. The Jonah and Ruth study and the Esther study have thirteen weeks each, while 1 Samuel has thirty-nine weeks, and the Acts study has a full year of material.

Recommendation: The Alone With God series will give structure to those who want to study the Bible without lots of opinion and commentary. It is easy to follow, gentle, and best of all, one hundred percent God's Word. Verse memory work is achieved painlessly, and the last lesson of each week shows the student why this Scripture selection matters. The very reasonably priced Alone With God series will be meaningful for both children and adults. resources related to this review:'s Christian Religion Resources Section
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