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Once Upon a Time Saints


More Once Upon a Time Saints

by Ethel Pochocki

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Once Upon a Time Saints and More Once Upon a Time Saints by Ethel Pochocki. Published by Bethlehem Books. Please support by buying these books from our Christian Book Distributors link or Amazon linkAmazon affiliate link. (This review is based on the latter book.)

Ethel Pochocki has chosen lesser-known saints for this fascinating introduction to Christian heroes of the past. In this book of fairy tale format stories, Mrs. Pochocki adds dialogue and "embroidery of legend" to bring the characters to life and allow a child to see the saints as real people. She portrays them as strong characters who have chosen their roles in life.

In the introduction and foreword, Mrs. Pochocki discusses the importance of the stories and format she has chosen. She states that saints teach us something very important -- "that we dont have to follow anyone else's way to holiness." If we want to be saints in our own way with our own gifts, God will send us the grace to do it. Because fairy tales show a clear delineation between good and evil, they "clear the way for sanctity." In other words, they allow the child to take the first step towards developing a sense of morality, clearly differentiating black and white -- bad and good, in our so often "gray" world.

Seventeen saints are included in this volume. Story length ranges from three pages to six pages, a wonderful length for bedtime reading. Pen and ink drawings of the saints bring interest to each story.

Recommendation: My children just love this book. They enjoy listening to the stories and deciding what miracles each saint wrought. As this is a Catholic book, many of the stories end with "why we pray" to that particular saint, but because we are not Catholic, we just omit reading that part. I can offer a hearty recommendation of this book for all Christian families who want to share the stories of these Christian heroes! resources related to this review:'s Christian Religion Resources Section
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