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Illustrated Survey of the Bible

by Derek Tidball and others

Reviewed by Martha Robinson and Mary Leggewie

Purchase details: The Illustrated Survey of the Bible by Derek Tidball and others. Hardcover with dustjacket, $18.99. Published by Bethany House. Please support by buying this book from our Christian Book Distributors link or Amazon affiliate link.

Written by teachers on the faculty of the London Bible College, The Illustrated Survey of the Bible is an incredible resource of information to help with Old Testament and New Testament Bible study.

The Illustrated Survey of the Bible is not a study Bible. It "does not attempt to look at the detailed interpretation of individual passages." Rather, the goal of the authors is to provide a broader view of each book of the Bible. They seek to put the Bible book in context with its author, when it was written, and with the other books of the Bible.

Each book of the Bible is addressed in a chapter containing five sections. The first section provides general information about the author, when he wrote the book, and the overall theme of the book. Next, an "Outline" section divides the book into parts and lists the main points by chapter and verses. The "Message" section then offers an interpretation of what the author of the book was trying to express. The last two sections offer food for thought. The "Application" part suggests conclusions as to what the chapter teaches, while the "Key Themes" section has specific activities to do, questions to think about, and areas to study.

The entire book is illustrated with maps of Bible lands, pictures and drawings of artifacts from ancient times, and photographs of scenery in places like Rome, Greece, and the Holy Land.

Martha's Recommendation: The Illustrated Survey of the Bible is a fabulous resource for Bible study. It provides fascinating information that is sure to give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of Gods Word. The book is written from an evangelical Protestant Christian perspective, and Christians of all denominations will find this beautifully illustrated and interesting book a stimulating addition to their personal libraries.

Mary's Recommendation: This beautiful book arrived at just the right time in my home and is a definite "keeper!" My pastor has spent the last year doing a survey of the Bible on Sunday night--one book a week. This is the perfect addition to help me understand this fast survey class. The five sections will make it much easier to put each book into perspective, and the photographs are a great help to get more of a feel for the time. Highly recommended! resources related to this review:'s Christian Religion Resources Section
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