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Copy Book, Books I, II, and III

by Leigh Lowe

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Copy Book, Books I, II, and III by Leigh Lowe. $14.95 each. Published by Memoria Press. Please support by buying this program from our Christian Book Distributors links for Book I, Book II, and Book III.

Leigh Lowe, author of Prima Latina, provides an easy way for homeschooling parents to revive the lost art of copybook. By copying Scripture, maxims, poetry, and quotations, the child practices handwriting while memorizing beautiful literature and internalizing important values.

The three copybooks are for kindergarten, first, and second grades. Step by step instructions for using the books to assist with Bible study, memorization, and language lessons are provided.

Each book includes lines for block printing the selection and an empty box for the child to make an illustration. Writing lines decrease in size as the child moves up through the series.

Book I begins with how to hold the pencil and basic printing instructions. Selections include brief Bible verses (King James Version) and Robert Louis Stevenson poems covered one line at a time. Book I ends with a copying page for the days of the week and months of the year.

Book II reviews basic printing instructions and then provides slightly longer Bible verses and entire Psalms one line at a time. Additional items include a list of the twelve Apostles, the Doxology, several poems with character-building themes, and two longer poems that will capture children's interest.

Book III also reviews printing instructions. Selections from the Bible are longer and include passages of two verses and Psalm 23 divided into three sections. Also included are books of the Old Testament and three sixteen to twenty line poems.

Recommendation: The Memoria Press Copy Books are an excellent way to assist parents who are struggling to implement classical education. Their simplicity is deceptive. By combining beautiful selections with important material, the child will memorize information that will be useful later while increasing his vocabulary and appreciation for poetry. resources related to this review:'s Classical Homeschooling Section with resources, links, and ideas for implementing the Christian Trivium
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