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"Eat Your Way" Geography Cookbook Series

Published by Geography Matters

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Eat Your Way Around the World by Jamie Aramini and Eat Your Way Through the USA by Loree Pettit. Spiral bound paperbacks, $14.95 each. Please support by buying these book using our Christian Book Distributors link or our Amazon affiliate link.

The Eat Your Way series books are designed to enhance geography and history studies using food. In each book the authors share recipes along with some interesting tips about the food or the location being studied. The recipes use readily available ingredients and are simple enough for children to make with some help. The books have line-drawings illustrating every page.

Eat Your Way Around the World has recipes from thirty countries representing six continents. Mrs. Aramini adds interesting trivia about traditions and profiles foods that may be unfamiliar to readers. Eat Your Way Around the World also includes a Food Passport and country "stamps" to cut out and glue into it. The reproducible "My Food Journal" page encourages the student to write his impressions of the meal.

Eat Your Way Through the USA includes recipes for all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Mrs. Pettit presents several recipes that she feels are typical of the state and shares "Food Facts," fun trivia about each state's food production or restaurants.

Recommendation: The Eat Your Way cookbooks will make children anxious to study geography! Using these books, the child could earn credit in both geography and home economics. The Eat Your Way series will be an excellent supplement or informal study of geography. resources related to this review:'s Geography page with many resources and creative ideas for studying geography.'s Art Page with many resources for studying art!
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