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Hands-On Geography

by Maggie S. Hogan

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Hands-On Geography, Easy & Fun Activities for Exploring God's World by Maggie S. Hogan. Large paperback, 142 pages, $14.95. Please support by buying this program from our Christian Book Distributors link or Amazon affiliate link.

In Hands-On Geography Mrs. Hogan expresses the importance of studying geography for young Christians with her comment that "Informed citizens wanting to be Christ's ambassadors need to understand from where we come as well as something about the world around us." This book offers encouragement and ideas for interesting geography projects.

After a discussion of the National Geography Bee, the author spends several chapters discussing projects that involve the entire family. First, she mentions how to use parts of old games to create new geography games. Homemade books are explained in the following chapter, and then a template for making a "country notebook" is provided. In chapter 4, Mrs. Hogan has a brief outline of how to do a "passport fair or around the world night."

Two sections of Christian interest follow. "Joseph's Journey" combines Bible study with geography study of Canaan and Egypt. "Missionary Geography" suggests ways to support missions and study geography at the same time.

The following chapters explain how to combine geography study with genealogy, nature, language arts, and history. Each section offers ideas and templates for integrating geography throughout your curriculum.

The book ends with a large section of map activities and projects, outline maps, and state flashcards that can be copied or cut out.

Recommendation: Hands-On Geography will open your eyes to new ways to bring geography into many other subjects. It offers simple ideas to get you started or to add pizzazz to your current geography studies. resources related to this review:'s Geography Section for interesting ideas and resources!
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