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Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book and CD-ROM

by George Wiggers and Hannah Wiggers

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book and Uncle Josh's Outline Maps CD-ROM by George Wiggers and Hannah Wiggers. $19.95 for the paperback book and $26.95 for the CD-ROM. Published by Geography Matters. Please support by buying from our Christian Book Distributors links for the book or the CD-ROM.

The father/daughter team of George (a.k.a. Josh) and Hannah Wiggers have created a collection of outline maps for classroom and homeschool studies.

Both versions of this resource include maps of regions of the world, states in the U.S.A., and historic areas such as Greece, Rome, and Bible Lands. The maps have gray shading for water, dark lines for boundaries, and gray lines and shapes showing the rivers and major lakes of each country and state. Many of the maps include lines representing longitude and latitude. The introduction offers ideas for creative and fun uses of the maps.

The printed version of the product, Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book, includes 100 maps. It is an 8 1/2" x 11" paperback with a total of 112 pages.

The CD-ROM version offers twenty-one "bonus" maps including the Canadian provinces and territories and shaded relief maps of the continents (excluding Antarctica), the world, "Stan and his sisters" (the countries of the former Soviet Union), Pakistan and Afghanistan. The CD-ROM requires a minimum of Windows 3.1 or system 7.1 for Macintosh. Adobe Acrobat is included on the disk. While inkjet printers are supported, a laser printer is recommended.

Recommendation: These are beautiful maps! If you are tired of hunting the Internet for maps to download, the Uncle Josh products will be an excellent investment. If you have a laser printer, the CD is the best choice. Otherwise, you will get better clarity from copying the maps in the book with a copy machine, but if you have no problem with using lots of ink in your inkjet printer, the copies printed will be acceptable for homeschool use. resources related to this review:'s Geography Section for interesting ideas and resources!
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