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Quarter Mile Math

by Barnum Software

Reviewed by Elliot Robinson

Purchase details: Quarter Mile Math software. Levels 1, 2, and 3 Bundle retails for $89.95. Published by Quarter Mile Math. Please support by buying this program from our Christian Book Distributors link or Amazon affiliate link.

Barnum Software's Quarter Mile Math is a multi-award winning software program that offers fast paced counting, math including pre-algebraic subjects, and keyboarding. It features animated racing cars and horses with a user-friendly interface. A networked version for larger groups is available, but was not reviewed.

After signing in, the user sees a colorful main screen, with the main options lining the bottom left side, topic areas lining the bottom right, and a selection screen to the right. The main options include "Quit/Stop"; "Help and Info"; "Options"; which allows the user to change between cars and horses, the volume, and his racing name; and "Sign in". The topic areas section has "Subject", "Topic Areas", "Topics", and "Races" sections, each showing a more detailed view of the activities chosen.

After choosing a race from the "Races" menu, the user is taken to a racetrack or a field with six marked lanes. The user's car/horse is in the far left lane, while his fastest five races are in other the five. When a race is started, the user is given a question. If he misses a question three times, the correct answer is shown and must be typed before the user can continue. When the race ends, the speeds and times are shown, and if the user places in the top five speeds, the program asks for his initials, and the new time replaces the slowest time in the top five.

There are several new menu options in this screen. Instead of "Sign In", "Start Race" is shown. There are also the new options: "Rankings", which shows your ranking compared to everyone who has raced that in that event; "Replay", and Change Topics-Save.

A large range of topics is available in Quarter Mile Math, not only math as the name suggests, but also basic counting, keyboarding, and some odd subjects such as Morse Code. A complete list can be found at The Quarter Mile, by clicking on the products button in the menu.

The available packages are as follows:

*The Level 1 and 2 Bundle, and the Level 2 and 3 Bundle overlap slightly.

Recommendation: This program offers wonderful value because of its wide age range and variety of material. Useful for daily drill or remedial work, it is great for fun drill or review work. Since the child is racing against his own speeds, he can start at any point and work up from there.

Our Experience: Quarter Mile Math was easy to install. My siblings and I have all tried it and enjoyed it immensely. resources related to this review:'s Math Resources Section for everything you need to teach math and enrich your curriculum!
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About the Reviewer:

Elliot is the 14-year-old son of Martha Robinson, the Review Page Editor for Very interested in everything electronic, he spends his spare time building computers, programming, and fixing his siblings' toys. At twelve years of age he got his Amateur (HAM) Radio license. When he isn't tinkering with electronics or talking on the radio, he is probably riding his bike through the woods or helping elderly neighbors.

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