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Multiplication Songs

by Kathy Troxel

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Multiplication Songs by Kathy Troxel. CD and student book, $12.95. Published by Audio Memory. Please support by buying this program from our ChristianBookDistributors link.

Multiplication Songs provides extensive repetition to help children memorize multiplication facts. The CD has twenty-two tracks that teach the multiplication tables from two to twelve. The first song has the facts, while the second song "tests" the child's knowledge by singing the problem but not the answer.

The student's book has a slick colorful cover and sixteen pages. The one-times facts are shown but not included in a song. Each of the other fact families has a page devoted to it, and three pages of mixed problem sets appear at the end of the book for testing.

Sample sound clip from Multiplication Songs

Recommendation: Multiplication Songs could be just the ticket if your child enjoys singing and needs a boost in multiplication skills. The songs are very basic, but the repetition is bound to save parents time. resources related to this review:

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