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Times Tales: Trigger Memory System

by J. von Eggers , M. J. Flanagan, and D. L. Wood

Purchase details: Times Tales: Trigger Memory System, by J. von Eggers , M. J. Flanagan, and D. L. Wood. Times Tales Original, $14.95, and Times Tales Deluxe with Division, $19.95. Published by Trigger Memory Systems. Please support by buying this program from our Christian Book Distributors link or via our affiliate link with Trigger Memory Systems.

Times Tales

Reviewed by Robert (Robin) Leggewie

Times Tales, is a program designed to help young students learn their multiplication facts. Particularly, it is designed to help in the memorization of multiplication for the numbers 6 through 9. The authors found that kids tend to grasp their multiplication facts for numbers 1 through 5 without too much difficulty, but, for some reason, become bogged down in the process for the numbers greater than 6. The authors have developed a system that successfully overcomes this problem in a simple yet effective method.

In this method, these faceless numbers of multiplication suddenly take on personalities and become characters that come alive in situations that illustrate the process of multiplication. The authors found that it is much easier to memorize characters involved in stories than the results from the multiplication of numbers.

In the first step of the method, the numbers 6 through 9 are assigned names and become specific objects or characters. The student works to become familiar with these four characters that are strongly reminiscent of the numbers that they symbolize. In the next step of the method, a short story or situation is told involving each paired combination of these characters. There are 10 possible situations or stories for the 10 unique multiplication problems for 6 through 9.

The authors provide step-by-step instructions for the parent or instructor and the student is given a flip chart in wordless cartoon form that illustrates the characters in the various situations. The program also provides flashcards and practice problems and tests that eventually lead the student away from the stories to the actual multiplication problems. The point is that the memorization of multiplication facts becomes easier because it becomes more enjoyable.

Recommendation: Times Tales is a very affordable program and highly effective that overcomes the hurdles often encountered in teaching multiplication and division to youngsters. I highly recommend this program, as it was very successful with my kids. One of our sons has a vision tracking problem, and even though we were not very consistent with this program, his recall of the math facts learned was excellent. He enjoyed learning the facts with Times Tales, as opposed to hating the grunt work of every other program we attempted. The speed with with our son learned was far superior than experienced with any other math facts program (and we tried them quite a few, including kinesthetic and audio methods). You can't go wrong!

Times Tales Deluxe

Review by Martha Robinson

Times Tales Deluxe is an expanded version of Times Tales with division flash cards. Parents are told to teach the flash cards using the same methodology as for multiplication. Each of the thirty-two division flash cards show the divisor, divided by symbol, and one character from the story, and the equals sign. The note on the bottom of the card asks, "Who is missing?" The Deluxe version offers a paperback instruction manual and a spiral-bound flip chart with black and white illustrations.

Recommendation: Times Tales Deluxe is an intuitive program that will bring success to any child with consistent effort on the part of the parent.

Additional Recommendation from Tory: Times Tales is working well with my 13 year old daughter. She is my reader, speller, writer, and math does not come easily for her. She does say that the characters in Time Tales are "silly" but she is learning her multiplication tables. That is all that matters.

The program was not very expensive at all, and it works better than flash cards. We tried flashcards, and playing various games, etc, to help her learn the multiplication facts. She learned the lower ones this way. However, when it got to the 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's, she just could not get them.

I bought Time Tales last year from an affiliate page here at HSC when it went on sale. (it was already affordable, I just so happened to catch it on sale!) We worked with the program last year for a little while. I actually used it for all three of my children then. My sons know their facts, but still struggled just a little with the higher multiples. Time Tales helped them be able to answer quickly. resources related to this review:'s Math Resources Section for everything you need to teach math and enrich your curriculum!
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About the Reviewer:

Robin Leggewie is the widower of Mary Leggewie, founder of He is a public school teacher in California.

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