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All About Homeschooling Section

Testimonies from New and Veteran Homeschoolers


A "Different" Learner
Encouragement to Homeschooling Parents with LD Children by Heidi in IN

Encouragement from a Single Homeschooling Parent
by Linda Bothel

Fifteen Year Old Homeschooler Receives Full College Scholarship
by Lisa M.

Homeschool Kids Make a Difference
by Julie W.

Overwhelmed? I've been there!
By Mary Leggewie

The Lord Teaches Us About Socialization and Discipling
by Cindy McD.

The Marvels or the Dangers of Comparison
by Marcelyn Havens

Getting Started Stories

Amy B.'s Story

Home and Heart Schooling
By Lisa C.

Home from Christian School
By Julie W.

Homeschooling Brought Our Family Together Again
by Donna in FL

Home-schooling Gives One A Grade "A" Feeling
By Eileen Spatz

How We Started Homeschooling
A collection of heartwarming stories by message board participants.

I'm Glad I've Turned My Home into a School
By Eileen Spatz

Our Journey to Homeschooling by Julie M.

Our Leap of Faith
By Michelle T.

Our Public School Experience
by Nancy

The Big Lie
By Martha R.

The Blessings of Homeschooling Teens
By Kathy S.

Why Our Hearts Changed Towards Homeschooling
"Public School Transformed Our Daughter" by Debbie E.

Homeschooling with Health Issues

Homeschooling with Chronic Health Issues
A realistic look at how parents can successfully homeschool while battling illness.

Overcoming Personal Challenges to Homeschool
by Alexa W.

Visit's All About Homeschooling Section

Interviews with Homeschooling Leaders and Authors

Opinions and Articles to Get You Started Homeschooling, To Support Your Homeschooling Efforts, and To Make You Aware of Government Issues