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All About Homeschooling

Editorials Index

Welcome to the Editorials section, where you'll find many opinions on homeschooling and education topics. Dive into our resources for help, encouragement, and knowledge!

Government Intervention Index
Learn about how government affects schooling of our children. Make yourself aware of issues that may affect homeschooling now and in the future.

Getting Started Homeschooling Index
Find out how to get started with homeschooling. This section will help you work through any concerns that you may have! For a dose of courage, please visit our Testimonies page.

Support Index
Discover support and encouragement in these articles. Recharge your batteries and reassure yourself that your concerns are normal! For real-time encouragement, visit our message boards!

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Testimonies from New and Veteran Homeschoolers

Interviews with Homeschooling Leaders and Authors

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