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Overwhelmed? I've been there!

By Mary Leggewie

... Written in response to someone overwhelmed at the thought of homeschooling with toddlers and infants in the home.

Well, let me tell you what overwhelmed is...having been there myself...

Overwhelmed is waking up the baby when he/she looks like an angel sleeping in the crib to go drop off the siblings for school.

Overwhelmed is waking up the baby again from his/her nap when it's time to go pick UP the kids.

Overwhelmed is the plea for more money for the class party, the gift for the teacher, the donation for the carnival, the special project that needs more money, the school clothes, the books, the field trips...

Overwhelmed is putting your child on the bus for a field trip, or the commute to school, and praying that they will return safely, all while getting looks from other parents who think you're overprotective. (Thank goodness we never had to do this one!)

Overwhelmed is helping out in the classroom after scrambling to find someone to watch the other kids.

Overwhelmed is helping out in the classroom and seeing what REALLY goes discipline, bad discipline, busy work, unanswered questions.

Overwhelmed is seeing the kids who will always be behind because they didn't "get it" when it was taught and struggle now because no one is able to take the time to do some one-on-one work.

Overwhelmed is trying to do after school sports routines, cook a fast dinner and then do hours or homework so your kid can learn something because learning didn't happen in school.

Overwhelmed is crumbling into bed (after yelling at the kids to hurry up and go to bed), thinking of your kids and how you didn't have a minute to do something fun, and THEY didn't have a minute to just be kids and relax or play.

Overwhelmed is trying to do it all yourself because you don't have time to teach the kids all the chores in the house, feeling guilty that they have no time to play.

Overwhelmed is waking up kids who need more sleep to rush them during breakfast, pack lunches (or spend money for awful food), race around finding books. I have yet to find a traditional school family who has a leisurely morning! (I'm sure they do exist, but that was NOT us!).

Just realize that all days will NOT be perfect homeschooling. But they'll be better than the alternative! (Of course, that's just my humble opinion).

Permission granted to reprint text in entirety citing as your source.

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