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Curricula and Learning Links - Science

Living Science Books About Heat Energy

Amazon links are shown. Some books may be out of print, so please be sure to check AbeBooks and Alibris for availability of out-of-print treasures. Thanks for using links to help support this website.

For Grades K-3

Ardley, Neil. Hot and Cold
Hillerman, Anne. Done in the Sun
Baker, Susan. First Look at Keeping Warm
Maestro, Betsy. Temperature and You
Olesky, Walter. Experiments with Heat
Petersen, David. Solar Energy at Work
Santrey, Laurence. Heat
Wade, Harlan. Heat

For Grades 4-6

Adler, Irving and Ruth. Heat and its Uses
Bendick, Jeanne. Heat and Temperature
Cobb, Vicki. Heat
Kaplan, Sheila. Solar Energy
Knapp, Brian. Fire
Langley, Andrew. Energy
Mebane, Robert C. and Thomas R. Rybolt. Adventures with Atoms and Molecules
Scott, John M. Heat and Fire
Whyman, Kathryn. Energy and Heat
Yount, Lisa. Too Hot, Too Cold, or Just Right

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