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Index Page

Welcome to's biggest resource section! Take your time exploring the subjects where you'll find links, advice, encouragement, and ideas. You don't have to spend a fortune to educate your children at home. In fact, everything you need is right here on these pages.

We're always looking to expand this section, so leave your suggestions on our comments page. Thanks, and enjoy!


Career Exploration

Character Training

Civics and Government

Driver's Education


Foreign Languages (Classical) - Greek, L atin, Hebrew

Foreign Languages (Modern)


High School Resources




Home and Life Management

Junior ROTC leadership training

Language Arts


Movies for Education and Fun


Physical Education and Health

Potluck - miscellaneous items including field trips and learning games!

Preschool and Early Education

Religious Studies

Reviews of Homeschooling Products and Books


Special Education

Teaching Styles

  • Classical and Charlotte Mason Education
  • Pre-Packaged Curricula -- under construction. Suggestions welcome!
  • Unit Studies -- under construction. Suggestions welcome!
  • Unschooling -- under construction. Suggestions welcome!

Technology and Computer Resources

Worksheets and Transcripts