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Write Shop Primary

By Nancy I. Sanders

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: WriteShop Primary Book A, spiral-bound paperback, 186 pages, $26.95. Available from the publisher, WriteShop. Please support by buying this book using our Amazon link.

Write Shop Primary is a composition program for children in Kindergarten through third grade. It is completely scripted with example conversations between the parent and child included. Twenty pages of introductory material and step-by-step instructions for the teacher begin the book.

The ten lessons have themes that will interest young children: animals, favorite things, friends, insects, and more. Each lesson begins with objectives and a list of materials needed. Then, eight short activity "sets" teach basic principles of writing such as choosing a title, writing the story, organizing information, and writing about events in order. Parents are expected to sit with the child and do a question and answer session to guide the child through the projects, which are brief to match the attention span at this age. Other topics such as math and literature are integrated into the lessons. An optional Activity Worksheet Pack has reproducible workbook-like pages for the child to fill out or color.

Recommendation: Write Shop Primary is easy to follow with its step-by-step, scripted format. Parents who prefer a highly structured program for their little ones will find Write Shop Primary to be very helpful for their language arts studies. resources related to this review:'s Language Arts Resources Section for tips on teaching reading and more!
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