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Curricula and Learning Links - Language Arts Language Arts Resources Advice

Comparison of Progeny Press and Smarr Literature Guides

Developing Basic Writing Skills

Games to Help Teach Grammar

Games to Help Teach Spelling

How to Teach Spelling

Ideas to Stop Handwriting Letter Reversals (b, d, p, q)

Narration and Dictation

Teach Your Child to Read in Two Weeks by Mary Morken

Tips for Parents of Reluctant Writers

Tips for Parents of Reluctant Readers

Teaching Business Letter Writing by Martha Robinson

What Is Copy Work?"

When to Start Cursive

Why A Child Won't Read

Why A Child Should Learn Grammar

Why Study Literature

Why Study Poetry Reading Lists

Books For Teaching Ninth Grade Introduction to Literature

Books For Teaching Tenth Grade World Literature

Books For Teaching Eleventh Grade American Literature

Books For Teaching Twelfth Grade British Literature

Books Recommended for Boys

Books Recommended for Four to Eight Year Olds

Classic Literature for Children

Suggested Literature for High School Students

Bullseye Step Into Classics Reading List

Childhood of Famous Americans Reading List

Landmark series Reading List

Signature series Reading List Interviews on Language Arts Topics

Shurley Grammar
An Interview with Brenda Shurley and Vonda Stepp, authors of Shurley Grammar

Creating Your Own Handwriting Program
An Interview with Dave Thompson, Educational Fontware, Inc.

Developing Elegant, But Practical Handwriting
An Interview with Bruce Smith, Ph.D., author of SmithHand Handwriting Kits

Developing Spencerian Penmanship at Home
An Interview with Michael and Deb Sull, authors of books on Spencerian penmanship

Recommended Language Arts Products

Grammar Songs by Kathy Troxel
Highly recommended for learning in the car and relaxed learning

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) Products
Highly acclaimed products including Student Writing Intensive and The Phonetic Zoo, written by a Christian homeschooling dad.

Sequential Spelling by Don McCabe
Outstanding spelling for reluctant spellers and children with vision difficulties Language Arts Reviews

Grammar and Reference Reviews



Reading/Phonics Reviews

Spelling and Vocabulary Reviews

Writing Reviews

Wholesome Reading and "Living Books"

Language Arts Links to Other Sites