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Grammar Songs

by Kathy Troxel

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Grammar Songs by Kathy Troxel. CD, teacher's guide, and student book, $22.95. Published by Audio Memory. Please support by buying this program from our ChristianBookDistributors link.

Grammar Songs includes over forty minutes of learning songs: sixteen songs about parts of speech, punctuation, direct objects, and Greek and Latin roots, and three chants of irregular verbs.

The student's book has a slick colorful cover and sixty-eight pages. After the lyrics for each song or chant, basic workbook-type exercises appear. Black and white cartoon illustrations are on many of the pages. The Greek and Latin prefix and suffix song has a list of several derivatives for each root, a multiple choice quiz, and a crossword puzzle. A final exam, "Grammar Challenge," has forty-five questions to see if the student has mastered the material. The student book ends with a progress chart and an index.

The teacher's guide is a sixteen page, newsprint pamphlet. After a general overview of why singing is a good way to learn, suggestions for teaching each song and reinforcing the concepts are shown. Four versions of a grammar game are then provided. The guide ends with an answer key to the student book.

Sample sound clip of the first of four verses of the "Verb" Song.

Recommendation: Grammar Songs offers a wide-ranging overview of grammar concepts with catchy tunes and singing that is easy for children to emulate. This outstanding supplement will be extremely helpful in remediating older students and would be terrific as a introduction for grammar-staged children. Even before the children know what the terms mean, they can memorize them and pull out the song and details later when they are old enough to do in-depth grammar studies. resources related to this review:

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