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Whatever Happened to Justice?

by Richard Maybury

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Whatever Happened to Justice? by Richard J. Maybury. 2004 edition, paperback, $17.95. A Bluestocking Guide, Justice by Kathryn Daniels. Paperback, $15.95. Published by Bluestocking Press. Please support by buying this program from our Amazon affiliate link.

In Whatever Happened to Justice?, Richard J. Maybury challenges the reader to consider where our government began and where it is going. Specifically, he discusses the "common law" system that was in force at the time the Constitution was written and the "political law" of today that has almost completely obliterated law of the past.

Common law is based upon two principles: "Do all you have agreed to do," and "Do not encroach on other persons or their property." A "higher law" exists that supersedes all man-created or political law. These principles were so basic to society during the 1700s that the Founding Fathers of the United States felt they did not need to spell them out in the Constitution. While acknowledging that common law was not perfect, Mr. Maybury explains how its total loss is leading our society to become more litigious and have no clear understanding of what is truly right. He offers the somber reminder of Nazi Germany as an example of a society that follows its political laws without considering the "natural" or higher law.

The author then explores the true nature of government. Asserting that government was created for the purpose of encroachment, he suggests that most of the services of government could eventually be turned over to private organizations and offers examples of groups that have had success in this area.

In the final chapters, Mr. Maybury returns to the subject of common law with discussions of problems such as drugs, war, and poverty that cannot be solved with the use of only political law. He concludes the book with a summary, charts comparing natural and political law, sample agreements between a child and adults, and lists of additional resources.

A Bluestocking Guide, Justice

In this ninety-six page study guide, the work page for most chapters has definitions, short answer questions, essay questions, and additional reading suggestions. The essay questions, particularly, lend themselves to deep discussions with parents or peers. One additional story about Davy Crockett and his time in political office is included. A final exam and answers to all exercises conclude the book.

Recommendation: Whatever Happened to Justice? is a thought-provoking book that emphasizes a subject that is sorely missing in education today. Little time is spent, even at the university level, on common law. While Christian families are well aware of "higher law," few understand why our society seems frequently to go against it. This book begins to open the eyes of Christian families as to how our government has strayed from the basic principles upon which our country was founded and upon which we still rely. With this valuable information, concerned readers CAN begin to work at turning the tide in the United States.

A basic background in government is necessary to understand Whatever Happened to Justice? While "middle school" aged students will have no problem with the reading level of the book, older students will understand the issues better and be able to dig deeper into the controversial topics that are raised.

The Bluestocking Guide offers a simple way to check comprehension and document course completion. Its real value is in the stimulating essay and discussion questions. resources related to this review:

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