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Your First Resume and Beyond:
A Teen's Guide to the Job World

by Cathie Garnier

Reviewed by Carly Robinson

Purchase details: Your First Resume and Beyond: A Teen's Guide to the Job World 75 pages. $14.95. Published by Latin in the Christian Trivium.

Mrs. Garnier designed this handy book for high-schoolers who are thinking about getting an part-time or summer job. Written in an easy-to-read, casual style, Your First Resume and Beyond will be sure to appeal to teens. It begins by explaining what, exactly, a resume is. Then, it breaks down each part of a resume and demonstrates how to write a proper resume. Additionally, the Guide shows to how conduct a successful interview with a possible employer, and, if accepted for the job, offers tips for becoming a responsible, dependable employee. After each chapter, the student takes a short, multiple choice quiz to ensure that he retained the material.

Sample documents are listed in the back of the book. These include sample resumes, a job application, a reference list, and thank-you/follow-up notes. These samples may be copied by the student, or modified to fit his particular situation.

Recommendation: This booklet contains many valuable tips that will be sure to help the student in the job hunting process. Although I noticed several misspelled words and punctuation errors, I do not believe they are serious enough to impair the student's learning experience. The sample pages in the back of the book are excellent, and will be sure to assist students in becoming familiar with applying for a job. resources related to this review:'s High School Section Resources for teens and high school at home!
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