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Curricula and Learning Links - Pot Luck Resources

Educational Field Trips

Inexpensive Trips to Help Kids Learn

Looking for some field trip ideas? Below are many field trips that you can take inexpensively or free with your family or your support group.

Post office
Police station
Fire station
Theater (the kind with live shows)
Movie theater
Dog track
Pet store
Veterinary clinic
Doctor's office
Big equipment company (bulldozers, etc.)
18 wheeler
Retail stores (Wal-Mart, Publix)
Water Treatment Plant
Baseball stadium
Sheriff's work farm
Historical reenactment
Sanitary landfill
National Weather Service local office
Horse stable (disabled rider therapy program)
County park -- nature walk
Radio or TV station
Machine shop
Artist studio
Dairy barn
Lumber yard
Donut shop
Dry cleaner
Taste tests - cheese, chocolate, pretzels, etc. from ethnic shops
Museums (Check for a free day!)
Trip to the backyard with a magnifying glass
Neighborhood leaf gathering
One hour photo developer
Court house

Quilting Club
Train Club
Business or technical college
Local farm
State/county parks
Fish hatchery
Historical sites (signs/plaques by the side of the road)
Candy shop
Chemistry or biology lab
Hike in the countryside
Walking tour of an old downtown
Aromatherapy shop
A Pumpkin Patch
Apple or berry picking
Cavern tour
Krispy Kreme
Ice Cream Factory
State Capitol
Power Plant
Musical Instrument repair place
State Fair
Ice skating rink

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