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Curricula and Learning Links
Home and Life Management Skills

Preparing Children for Life

During your school years, you may have taken Home Ec, Shop, Life Skills, Health, or Career Exploration classes. Homeschooled children really don't need a "class" in these areas, but homeschooling parents should make sure that their children are prepared to live life on their own when the time comes. What things should you include? Here are some ideas that would give you a year or more of study! Please leave a message for us on the comment page if you have additional links or topics that should be included.

Financial Training
Information about budgeting, car finances, taxes, mortgages, insurance, and investing.

Health, Hygiene, and Dressing for Success
The importance of personal appearance and cleanliness and health.

Home Management
Ideas for many aspects of daily home-life: home organization, car care, and cooking

Modesty, Purity, Finding a Spouse
Resources for learning about modesty, purity, and courtship.