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What Is Homeschooling?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is homeschooling? Just twenty years ago a handful of families pioneered the "new" movement to school their children at home, rather than in government institutions. In fact, homeschooling is not so new! Up until compulsory education was instituted from about 1850 to 1920, children always learned at home from their parents, extended family, and tutors. Now, once again, millions of children learn at home under the supervision of their parents using materials that support the family's beliefs and values.

Many families begin homeschooling for one particular reason such as better academics, concern for safety at school, special needs, or religion, but they rapidly find out that their families receive benefits in MANY areas. Children always benefit from the one-on-one instruction that a loving parent can provide!

Below are some frequently asked questions. Please visit our message boards to ask additional questions and to find support and encouragement!

Basics 101

  1. What is homeschooling?
  2. What is education?
  3. How do you get started homeschooling?
  4. What laws apply to homeschooling? Is it legal?
  5. I've got a nosey neighbor and I'm afraid she'll turn me in. What can I do to protect myself?
  6. What about socialization?
  7. Are parents qualified to teach their children?
  8. How much time during the day does it take to homeschool?
  9. What if my husband and I are enthusiastic about homeschooling and our children are less than enthusiastic?
  10. My child goes to school. Can we change to home education?
  11. How much does home education cost?
  12. What if my husband doesn't agree to homeschooling and I want to do it?
  13. Isn't homeschooling just for religious fanatics?
  14. What are the advantages of homeschooling?
  15. What are the disadvantages of homeschooling?
  16. What's the difference between a Christian Education and a Secular Education?
  17. What are homeschool co-ops?
  18. What about testing?
  19. Where do children that are homeschooled make friends?
  20. How do I meet other homeschooling families where I live?
  21. How do you deal with harsh criticism from family and friends about your decision to homeschool?
  22. What do I tell people who say "That's great for you, but I could never do that" or "I just wouldn't have the patience"?
  23. Why do homeschoolers say that homeschooling is a way of life?
  24. How can I be sure of teaching all that needs to be taught?

Superiority of Homeschooling

  1. How does homeschooling differ from government schooling?
  2. Is it true that the home education environment is linked to high academic achievement?
  3. Is it true that home education minimizes issues of child safety?
  4. Is it true that home education builds up society?
  5. How do you homeschool on a shoestring and still provide a quality, high caliber education?
  6. Why homeschool? Are the government schools that bad?
  7. Why do homeschooling families say homeschooling parents choose to build strong families and take primary responsibility?

Learning Styles

  1. What is meant by learning styles? How do I determine what learning style my children have?
  2. What if I just don't know what homeschooling style I want to do?
  3. What is unschooling or child-led education?
  4. What is classical education?
  5. What are unit studies?
  6. What is the Montessori Method?
  7. What is the Charlotte Mason Method?

Textbooks and Curricula

  1. Where do I get the books? Will the School Board give them to me?
  2. Do I have to spend a fortune on homeschooling materials?
  3. How can you use the Internet/computer for homeschooling?
  4. What are some successful homeschool strategies?
  5. Which computer software programs could I use to help my children's educational efforts or should I ignore the computer?

Special Situations

  1. What about talented and gifted kids?
  2. When are your child's problems behavior or learning related?
  3. How do you homeschool children with special needs? Does homeschooling a child with disabilities require more commitment from their parents than of parents who have able bodied children ?
  4. How can a single parent homeschool?
  5. What do we do if we have a family crisis arise and can't homeschool for a while?
  6. What about homeschooling an "only child?"

Reality Strikes

  1. How do you teach subjects you are weak in?
  2. What happens when you think your child isn't learning as well as they should be?
  3. How do you homeschool with babies and preschoolers?
  4. How can I help my preschooler to be ready to homeschool?
  5. What do I do if I decide a particular book or homeschool style is not for me?
  6. What about lesson plans?
  7. What have you learned since you have been homeschooling?
  8. If I choose to use a textbook, do I have to do EVERYTHING the textbook says? What if our family decides not to finish the textbook?
  9. What is meant by incorporating character traits into one's curriculum? Why is that important?
  10. What should I do when I question my sanity and ability, and want to give up? Is this common?

Help from Others

  1. What are satellite and/or umbrella schools?
  2. What about charter schools and public school independent study programs? Why shouldn't I get some of my hard-earned tax money back?
  3. How can grandparents and other family members be incorporated into homeschooling?
  4. Can someone else homeschool my child? Can I homeschool someone else's child?


  1. How can our family survive on one income?
  2. What if I work?
  3. We live in an apartment/small house/mobile home. How can we do it?

High School and Beyond

  1. How do you homeschool a high schooler?
  2. What about apprenticeships for higher schoolers if they are not interested in college?
  3. How will future employers view my homeschooling experience?
  4. Will my children be able to go to college/university? Will they be eligible for scholarships?
  5. Can my high schooler get college credit for some of his homeschooling?
  6. Can my high schooler attend junior college or university before finishing high school?
  7. What is "Clepping" a college course?
  8. What about getting into the military?

For more information about high school, please see our High School Curriculum page and our Beyond High School section.