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Washington - State and Homeschooling Information

State Information

State of Washington's Official Web Site

Washington Census Information

Washington Government:
Governor's Office

Preamble to the Constitution of Washington:
We, the people of the State of Washington, grateful to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe for our liberties, do ordain this Constitution.

Driving in Washington: Driving Requirements
Driver's Ed Course
Washington Driver License Law
Sample Washington Driving Test

Homeschooling in Washington

Statewide and Regional Organizations:

Christian Heritage (Home Educators of Washington) A ministry organization committed to serving the needs of Christian homeschoolers in Washington State, encouraging families toward excellence in Biblical, home-based education and discipleship, and helping parents pass a Godly heritage on to future generations, for God's glory.

Christian Homeschool Network of Washington A statewide grass roots organization dedicated to protecting your God-given right to homeschool in Washington state without government interference.

Washington Association of Teaching Christian Homes (WATCH) Purpose is to support homeschooling families, giving them the tools they need, both practical and spiritual, to assist parents in their commitment to home education. Because of this, WATCH does not focus only on home schooling, but on ministering to the heart of home schooling... and at the center of this is the heart of the Father.

Washington Homeschool Organization (WHO) A statewide, non-profit membership organization. Its mission is to serve the diverse interests of home-based education in Washington State. WHO is nonpartisan, nonsectarian, and nondiscriminating in its views of homeschooling and participation in its activities.

Washington Natural Learning Association Organization with the mission To Promote, Lobby, Network, and Enhance Home-Education in Washington State

Local Support Groups:

Bainbridge Island-North Kitsap Independent Homeschooling Families

First Class A group of homeschooling families in the Skagit Valley of northwest Washington. Christian.

Homeschooling in Christ A Christian homeschool support group serving families in the Snohomish County area of Washington State

Homeschooling Guide to Kitsap and North Mason Counties

Port Orchard Nazarene Christian Homeschool Organization (PONCHO)

Skagit Valley Homeschool Association SVHA offers a wide variety of books and tapes to lend to its members. These resources are a great way to hone up on the myriad of homeschooling curriculum, philosophies and lifestyles.

Solid Rock Christian Co-op Port Orchard based co-op. Classes for toddlers through graduating seniors.

Teaching Parents Association A non-profit homeschool support group of Washington state, providing information, support and activities, located in Woodinville.

Zaccheus Learning Opportunities ZLO is an alternative educational option in Whatcom County, Washington, designed primarily to assist home schooled children and their families by offering once- and twice-weekly classes in a variety of subject areas.

Email Lists:

Gate Homeschool Group A small group that formed for homeschooling support and fellowship in Snohomish County. Yahoo Groups discussion list.

Peninsula Homeschool Exchange An inclusive homeschooling network based in Port Townsend, Washington.

Washington State Latter Day Saint Family Educators Statewide. Yahoo Groups discussion list.


Christian Heritage Conference Held in Redmond each spring.

WHO Convention Held each summer in Puyallup.

WATCH Conference Christian. Held each summer in Seattle.

State Sites of Interest

State Facts

How to become a Washington resident

The geography of Washington

State symbols

About Washington State -- Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Milestones for Washington State History -- Part 1: Prehistory to 1850

Milestones for Washington State History -- Part 2: 1851 to 1900

Milestones for Washington State History -- Part 3: 1901 to 1950

Milestones for Washington State History -- Part 4: 1951 to Present

Washington State History Museum

Washington State History Museum Teacher Information Guide

American Museum of Radio and Electricity

Future of Flight Aviation / Boeing Tour

Washington State Parks

Pacific Science Center

Books of Interest

A Historical Album of Washington by William Cocke

Discover Historic Washington State by George and Jan Roberts

It Happened in Washington by James A. Crutchfield

It's My State! Washington by Steve Otfinoski

Washington; A Portrait of the Evergreen State by Paul Dorpat

Washington State History and Government: The Search-It-Out Route by Barbara Edtl Shelton

The Big Washington Activity Book by Carol Marsh

Northwest History in Action by Della Gould Emmons. This is a book of short plays illustrating the epochs of NW history.