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Texas - State and Homeschooling Information

State Information

State of Texas's Official Web Site

Texas Census Information

Texas Government:
Governor's Office

Preamble to the Constitution of:
Humbly invoking the blessings of Almighty God, the people of the State of Texas, do ordain and establish this Constitution.

Driving in Texas: Driving Requirements
Driver's Ed Course
Texas Driver License Law

Homeschooling in Texas

Statewide Organization

Texas Home School Coalition
A statewide Christian group. The Texas Home School Coalition (THSC), a 501(c)(3) organization, is the state support organization. Its mission is to serve and inform the home school community and promote home education in Texas. Its work is supported by tax-deductible contributions of individuals and families. THSC was heavily involved in bringing about the court decision in 1994 which declared homeschoolers to be private schools.

Local Support Groups:

Bell County Christian Home Educators Association (BCCHEA)
Christian fellowship and exchange among homeschooling families in Central TX

Christian Homeschool Alliance of Texas (CHAT)
Christian Homeschool Alliance of Texas provides a support ministry to Christian homeschooling families in south Dallas County and the surrounding area.

Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas (CHEACT) A Christian support group for parents and others involved and/or interested in teaching their children. Austin and Central Texas region.

Family Educators Alliance of South Texas (FEAST) A non-profit organization, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of home schooling families. This organization was officially formed in 1989 to serve as a clearing house of information and support services for the home schooling community. FEAST has a bookstore, sponsors a conference, organizes sports teams and classes, and more. San Antonio and South Central Texas region.

Home Educators Alliance for Resources and Training of Texas (HEART of Texas)
Support, sports, information, for north Texas homeschoolers. Greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Home School Communication Network (HSCN)
Greater Houston area.

Houston Alternative Education Alliance (HAEA)
An inclusive/nonsectarian association of homeschooling families in the Greater Houston area. We have members from Harris, Fort Bend, Galveston, and Montgomery counties

North Texas Home Educators' Network (NTHEN)
Provides services and support to homeschool families and homeschool support groups in north and northeast Texas. Our goal is to ensure homeschool leaders and parents have the proper tools and resources to create an enriching education experience for every homeschool student. Plano area.

Panhandle Christian Home Educators Association (PCHEA)
Christian, serving Amarillo

San Antonio Home Education Resources and Opportunities (HERO)
A non-profit organization committed to providing access to opportunities and resources for home educators of all races, religions, philosophies, and education styles for expanding and improving their home education experience. H.E.R.O. is dedicated to fostering a supportive atmosphere for home educators by raising the awareness of alternative education choices and increasing positive interactions within the San Antonio metro area community.

SETHSA-Southeast Texas Homeschool Association
A non-profit, 501C(3), incorporated, Christian service organization established to minister to the home-schooling community in the greater Houston and southeast Texas area. SETHSA is dedicated to the rights of parents to choose the type of home education that is best for their children.

South Plains Christian Home Educators Association (SPCHEA)
Christian, serving the Lubbock area.

Southwest Dallas Home School Association (Christian)
A support for home schooling families in southwest Dallas County (and surrounding areas). We provide services for most aspects of the home school experience, including fellowship, mutual support, a Scholastic Cooperative, and monthly meetings at which outside speakers give practical advice to home schoolers. Field trips, baseball, Honor Society and Teen fellowship are some of the activities we have to offer.

Tomball Christian Homeschoolers
Christian organization, but open to others. Serves the Northwest Houston area.

Email Lists:

Austin Home Ed. Announce
Christian. A Yahoogroups list.

Austin Home Ed. Discuss
Christian. A Yahoogroups list.

Austin Area Homeschoolers (AAH)
Inclusive. A Yahoogroups list.

Dallas Muslim Homeschoolers Association
Muslim. A Yahoogroups list.

Greater Houston Area Homeschoolers (G-HAH)
Inclusive. A Yahoogroups list.

Houston Area Homeschoolers

Learning Without Limits
Inclusive. Williamson County homeschoolers. A Yahoogroups list.

Texas Advocates For Freedom In Education (TAFFIE)
Statewide email list on private listserve.


Texas Home School Coalition
Held each August in The Woodlands. Members get free admission.

Home Educators Conference and Bookfair
Held each June in Austin by Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas

FEAST Homes School Convention and Curriculum Fair
Held each May in San Antonio.

N-THEN Annual Summer Conference
Held each August in Plano.

Gulf Coast Home Educator's Conference
Held each June in Reliant Park.

Arlington Home School book Fair
Held each May in Arlington.

State Sites of Interest

11th Texas Cavalry
Civil War re-enactment at the historic Liendo Plantation.

Homestead Heritage
Traditional crafts village at Brazos de Dios

The Alamo
Located in San Antonio


Texian Christian Writers
Books about God and Texas history


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