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Connecticut - State and Homeschooling Information

State Information

State of Connecticut's Official Web Site

Connecticut Census Information

Connecticut Government:
Governor's Office

Preamble to the Constitution of Connecticut:
The People of Connecticut acknowledging with gratitude, the good providence of God, in having permitted them to enjoy a free government; do, in order more effectually to define, secure, and perpetuate the liberties, rights and privileges which they have derived from their ancestors; hereby, after a careful consideration and revision, ordain and establish the following constitution and form of civil government.

Driving in Connecticut:
Driving Requirements
Driver's Ed Course
Connecticut Driver License Law

Sample Connecticut driving test

Homeschooling in Connecticut

Statewide and Regional Organizations:

CT Homeschool Network
Inclusive, statewide group.

The Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers of Connecticut (TEACH)
Christian, statewide group.

Local Support Groups:

"Between Counties"
Inclusive, serves the Fairfield and New Haven County area

Homeschooling in Connecticut
Inclusive, serves the Northwest Hills area.

Learning Enrichment Active Fellowship (LEAF)
Inclusive, serves south-central Massachusetts, northern Rhode Island and northeastern Connecticut.

Litchfield County Christian Homeschool Association
Christian, serves northwestern Connecticut

Email Lists:

Groton CHEA
Inclusive, Yahoogroups list.

Other Resources

Central Connecticut Adventist Virtual School


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A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court with Bing Crosby

Christmas in Connecticut with Barbara Stanwyck

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