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Alabama - State and Homeschooling Information

State Information

State of Alabama's Official Web Site

Alabama Census Information

Alabama Government:
Governor's Office

Preamble to the Constitution of Alabama:
Revised by order of the Convention of the People, assembled at Montgomery on the Seventh Day of January, A. D., 1861. We the People of the State of Alabama, having separated ourselves from the Government known as the United States of America, and being now by our representatives in Convention assembled, and acting in our sovereign and independent character; in order to establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity - invoking the favor and guidance of Almighty God - do ordain and establish the following Constitution and form of Government for the State of Alabama...

Driving in Alabama:
Driving Requirements
Driver's Ed Course
Alabama Driver License Law

Homeschooling in Alabama

Statewide and Regional Organizations:

Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama

Local Support Groups:

Elmore County Homeschool Organization (ECHO)

Gasden Christian Home Educators

Mobile Home Educators (MHE)

North Alabama Home Educators

Northwest Alabama Christian Home Educators

Other Resources:

North Alabama Homeschool Science and Engineering Fair

Homework Alabama
Free homework help from subject specialists

Email Lists:

Alabama Christian Homeschoolers
Christian, Yahoo Groups discussion list

Alabama Homeschool
Inclusive, Yahoo Groups discussion list

Homeschool Alabama
Inclusive, Yahoo Groups discussion list

Cover Schools:

Calvary School
Inclusive. Statewide.

Christian Fellowship School
Christian. Serving families in Lee and the surrounding area. Teen group, 4H, computer club.

Contemporary Education Academy
Christian. Curriculum guidance, getting started, graduation.

Crossroads Christian School
Christian. Serving Pell and the surrounding areas.

DaySpring Academy

East Lake United Methodist Academy
Inclusive. Serving the greater Birmingham area.

Excalibur Christian School
Christian. Serving Madison.

Franklin School
Inclusive. Serving north Alabama.

Hope Academy
Inclusive. Serving Dekalb, Cherokee, and Jackson counties.

Outlook Academy
Christian. Statewide.

Oxford Christian School

Pathways Academy
Christian. Serving the Glencoe area.

VAST Network
Specializing in special needs situations.


CHEF of Alabama Convention
Held in June of each year.

State Sites of Interest

Veterans Memorial Museum in Huntsville
Tremendous display of historic artifacts from the Revolutionary War through the present time. Highly recommended for "living history"!


Fun with the Family in Alabama

The Story of My Life by Helen Keller (Alabama native!)


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The Miracle Worker - the story of Helen Keller

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