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Why Christians Should Get a College Education

Why is important for Christians and Christian homeschoolers to get a college education? Here are reasons given by participants on's message boards.

My husband has a job in the corporate world. It is rare for him to find co-workers that have strong Christian beliefs. There may be some that say they are Christian, but not many that really live Christian values in their business dealings. Reality is, the majority of people who run the large corporations have degrees and if we abandon these positions to non-Christians it is going to have a huge impact (it already has) on our country in many ways. -- Marcelyn

One of my concerns is that so many homeschoolers are paranoid of science that we may have a hard time finding Christian physicians before long! -- Mary Leggewie

Faith should go hand-in-hand with knowledge. There is no area of academics that doesn't include God, or is not authored by Him. My prayer is that Christian homeschooled young men and women will take back this country, by being the brightest and the best we have to offer. -- Allie

Girls should definitely go to college, because they need a way to make a living in case they don't get married or in case they need to work (widowed, husband disabled, etc.) or want to help their husbands support the family. Additionally, they need a good educational base to homeschool their children, and they need to have intellectual background to help them be good conversationalists with their husbands. Is college the only way to achieve this? No, but the focus on learning offered by a specific timeframe in college gets the job done! -- Martha R.

To get the degrees they need to become COLLEGE PROFESSORS, so they will have much "influence" their students. -- AZKate

I think that training our daughters to be "Keepers at Home" should include some college education, if not even a degree. Not to make them "smarter", but to increase their options. They may need that piece of paper in order to keep their children at home and school them. Maybe homeschoolers will win some great victories and states will lighten up on their requirements, but it could go in the other direction, and I think we should be prepared. That's why it is especially important to teach every subject with a Christian worldview. This will help them when they do face the "big bad world"...they will be trained in approaching things with a Christian worldview right from the start. I think we need strong, committed Christians in all areas: we need them in politics and government, academia, the corporate world, on the home front...we need to put some feet to the Great Commission. -- Laurajean