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Beyond High School

Index Page

What do you do after high school? How can you help your young adult move in a positive direction? The articles and ideas here will help you and your high school graduate!

College as an Option

Why Christians Should Get a College Education
Parents share reasons for daughters and sons to go to college.

Christian College or Public? And How Do You Pay For It?
Homeschooling parents share their thoughts on Christian children and college.

Preparing for and Entering College

Homeschooling the Teen Years
An interview with Cafi Cohen, author of The Homeschoolers College Admissions Handbook

Homeschooling Through High School
An interview with Jay Wile, Ph.D. of Apologia Ministries's High School Section
For more information about homeschooling high school

College at Home

Distance learning is a very popular option! The student takes classes on-line and takes proctored tests at a nearby college. The student may take some combination of on-line and in-person classes. Used in combination with "credit by examination," distance learning is essentially college at home. The interview and book review below give more details. Also see the links page to do more research.

Distance Learning or College at Home
A Question and Answer Session with Brad Voeller, author of Accelerated Distance Learning

Review of Accelerated Distance Learning

College At Home
Article with more details on college at home Resources for Beyond High School

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