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In Memory

Mary Leggewie
10/20/57 - 12/20/07

Mary Leggewie, founder, was an internet-homeschooling support pioneer. Beginning in the late 1990's with a support board on, Mary was invited to move her support community to a site owned by Prestonspeed, publishers of G.A. Henty books. In 2000, she created, drawing upon her experience as a homeschooling mother and website designer.

During Mary's ten-plus years on the internet, she was a mentor to many. Not only was she able to help families get started and continue homeschooling, but also she brought individuals to Christ via her personal example and testimony. Mary exuded positive thinking. All who knew Mary valued her friendship and her straightforward manner.

We can be comforted in knowing that Mary has gone to a better place -- one with no pain, no stress, and no burdens. She worked hard on this earth, and now she has peace with our Lord. We miss you, dear friend, but we will meet again. -- Martha Robinson, 2008

Robin and Mary Leggewie

Roger, Danny, Mary, and Robin Leggewie

SoCalPam and Mary at the Civil War Ball

Deb, Mary, and Briva

Mary, Cathe, and Chautona

Mary with Kiana and Alex Rodman

The Leggewie family, Christmas '04

The Leggewie and Ortagus families in AZ

The Robinson and Leggewie families in front of Lake Arrowhead

by Tom Spradley

Mary, loving daughter, mom and wife
So strong, organized, full of life.
Optimist, gregarious, always a smile
Helping make our lives worthwhile.

Loving daughter, mom and wife
Leading such a full and productive life
Suddenly your life hung by a thread
While your family kept watch beside your bed.

You hovered between life and death
But today you took your final breath.
A better place you now help run
Knowing you, Mary, You're having fun.

Homeschool Queen, Goji girl
You were truly a living pearl.
It's hard for us to say goodbye
Just thinking about it makes me cry.

Dear Mary, wife, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, and friend
So strong and brave until the end.
You touched us all with your smile and grace
And made our world a better place.

Mary Christmas
by Betty Johnson

In a quiet room, the celebration began
Without loud shouts, without a band.
As it was on the first Christmas so long ago,
There was no fanfare, there was no snow.

There was no need for sparkling lights
For her eyes shone with His love inside
There was no need for gifts and bows
Her gift was the Lord, the fairest rose

There was no need for sermons of giving
When all about her the gospel was living
In the hearts and touches of family and friends
Who came and enjoyed their time to spend

There was no need for cookies and ham
She was ready to taste from the great I am
He filled her spirit and fed her with bread
What a heavenly, delectable spread.

So in this season, from this year forward
Let us look to heaven and thank the Lord
For the season she modeled, in every way
She was Mary Christmas, each moment, each day.