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Homemaking - Health

Home Remedies

In olden days, doctors weren't readily available, so natural or home remedies were given out for basic illnesses. Sometimes Grandmother knew best! Here are some home remedies from our message board participants. Please consult a doctor if you have health concerns!

Insect Stings

To relieve the pain and reduce swelling, try these. (NOTE: If you have any shortness of breath, make sure to call 9-1-1 immediately! This could be a serious reaction to an insect sting.)

  • Slice a tomato and put it on the sting. The acid draws out poison.
  • Mix Adolph's meat tenderizer with rubbing alcohol for a paste-like consistency and apply to wound.
  • Put a tiny bit of Clorox on it.
  • Put toothpaste on it to draw out the poison.
  • Apply Benadryl cream. Take Benadryl orally.
  • Mix baking soda and water for a medium paste. Leave on until hard and cracking.


Make a poultice of bread and milk to draw out infection.

Constant Coldness

Fill an old sock with rice or unpopped popcorn. Sew up the end. Heat in the microwave for no more than 20 seconds. (NEVER more, or your popcorn will pop!) Warm the bed or your chair with it. Place in your pocket on a cold day.

Muscle Aches

Make a rice or popcorn bag as explained above. Heat and apply to the painful area.


To stop nighttime coughing, put Vicks Vapor Rub generously on the bottom of the feet at bedtime and then cover with socks. Even persistent, heavy, deep coughing will stop in about five minutes and stay stopped for many, many hours of relief. This works 100 percent of the time, and is more effective in children than even very strong prescription cough medicines. In addition it is extremely soothing and comforting and they will sleep soundly.

Sore Throat

Please keep in mind that you should see a doctor right away if you have fever with a sore throat. This could be indicative of strep, a very dangerous infection that needs immediate attention.

  • Slippery Elm Tea
  • Fisherman's Throat Lozenges
  • Gargling warm salt water
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract
  • Tsp. honey every 4 hours
  • Gargle children's Motrin or ibuprofen
  • Chamomile Tea with honey
  • Apple Cider mixed with honey -- take a tsp. at a time.
  • Garlic Oil


Give cod liver oil as soon as the patient is able to swallow.

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