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Homemaking - Frugal Living

Index Page

Frugal Living - Saving and Making Money at Home

Frugal Living Resources
Links to other sites to help you live within your means.

Fundraising Ideas
Suggestions for honorable ways to raise money for sports teams, youth groups, and missions.

Home Recipes
Save money by making your own laundry soap, lotion, and face paint.

How Can I Simplify My Life
Advice for the overwhelmed mother

Inexpensive Gifts from the Heart
Save money with these simple ideas for homemade gifts.

Simple Money Making Ideas for Moms
Sewing Boy Scout and Girl Scout Patches

Seventy Ways to Stretch Your Home Budget
Creative ideas for saving money.

Tips for Reducing Spending
Help your family budget with these easy tips.

Cut Your Homeschool Budget
Ways to reduce your homeschooling expenses.

Other Homemaking Support Sections

Cooking and Food
Tempting recipes and food-related information.

Family Fun
Ideas for parties and games with your children

Clean Humor
Jokes and uplifting stories to brighten your day

Home Safety and Security
Ways to make your home safer

Homemaking Index
Links to many resources