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How Can I Simplify My Life

As a homeschooling mom, wife, chauffeur, teacher, maid, and so on, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed! This is NORMAL. Here are some ideas to help you simplify your life so you can re-discover the sanity that seems to have left you.

Here is what has worked for me:

  • Getting up earlier
  • More bible reading
  • More prayer
  • Implementing ideas for storage, supper/lunch,laundry, and auto maintenance
  • Decluttering

-- Donna/NM

I do not take on any long term projects(like teaching Co-op.) My children have minimal outside the home things to do. I don't take on ministries at church that would keep me out of the home in the evenings. Basically, I focus on my family and if I can do an extra event, I do, but I am a firm believer in "NO". -- NM Stephanie

Weekly menu plans and fewer grocery store trips. -- Mary Leggewie

Do wash on Mondays. Clip coupons Tuesday. Shop Wednesday. -- Stephanie R.

Packed away the Nintendo, the brain-sucking, mind-wasting magnet! Assign a room (or rooms) to clean each day of the week. --Laurajean

Praying more! -- Bec

Lay out tomorrow's clothes tonight. In the evening, have the kids go through the house while you are washing dishes and pick up everything. When you have a busy "car" day planned, pack a back pack the night before with educational stuff--or even actual assignments to keep the kids busy while on the road or waiting. -- Cat

I compiled a list of recipes (mostly casseroles) that I could throw together in less than 10 minutes and put in the oven or could fix completely in 30 minutes or less (like chicken fajitas). I take an area of the house each month-clean thoroughly, organize and toss. There are five areas; so it takes me five months. -- Becky

I plan two weeks of groceries and I scratch the meals off the list, so I know what I have left. (We do lots of soup and sandwiches.) For laundry, I start Thursday and have everything put away by Friday so we'll have things to wear for the weekend. I mop and clean one room everyday. Each teenager is responsible for his/her own room daily and about two times a year we take a room, give it a good spring cleaning. -- Briva

Limit how many outfits the kids wear. I try to get them through the week with only one or two play outfits. This really cuts down on the laundry. I labeled all their drawers. So they don't have to think to hard about where things go, and they have no excuse when I find one drawer stuffed with things that don't belong there.

Get organized! Here are a couple links to help:
Chore Charts Free chore charts from a Christian perspective.
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