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Cooking and Food Index

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Dole Super Kids Games, songs, and videos. Lots of excellent information about nutrition.

Fruits & Veggies More Matters Educational site with recipes and a kids' section

King Arthur Flour
Free on-line cooking classes and education, recipes, and tips

USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory
Search the nutrient database to find out about vitamin and mineral content in foods.

Food Tips from Families

Suggestions for how to use barley.

Brain Foods
Healthful snack suggestions

Baking Garlic
Tips for baking and using whole "elephant" garlic.

Bread Making Tips
Suggestions for making better homemade bread.

Cooking Venison and Other Game Meat
Tips to get you started cooking with venison.

Cooking Lasagna
Tips for making delicious homemade lasagna.

Improving Your Health with a Better Diet
Information about changing to a whole foods diet.

Recipe Index's recipes and links to other sites

What To Do About Picky Eaters
Tips for getting healthful foods into your reluctant family.

Food Safety and Preservation

Beef Buying Tips
Important tips to keep beef safe to eat.

Food Preservation Tips
Tips for canning, freezing, and drying. Page under construction.

Food Safety and Food Preservation
A site that will assist you in determing whether the food in your household is safe to consume or should be discarded. Reviews of Healthful Eating Books

Other Homemaking Support Sections

Family Fun
Ideas for parties and games with your children

Frugal Living
Tips and encouragement to get more for your money.

Clean Humor
Jokes and uplifting stories to brighten your day

Home Safety and Security
Ways to make your home safer

Homemaking Index
Links to many resources