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Becoming a Used Curriculum Dealer
at Homeschool

If you buy and sell curriculum regularly for a profit, your participation in is classed as a "dealer." Generally, those who post three or more "for sale" listings per week fall into this category. You may not think of yourself as a dealer, but if you are helping to support your family and homeschooling efforts via sale of books and materials, you ARE a dealer!

Register as a dealer at for great benefits to you! Create a new login/profile with "Dealer" associated with your name. (i.e. "Dealer Mary," "Mary - HSC Supporter," etc.) Here are the rules:

  • You may include commercial information in your posts on the "for sale" board
  • You may not sell new items in direct competition with our advertisers.
  • You may post as many as three posts per day
  • When you repost an item to bring it to the top of the page, you must delete the old post.
  • Your name will be listed on the "Dealer List" posted on the board. Keep an eye on it so you know when to renew.

You may pay via paypal, with a good personal check, or a money order. Please fill out the "Contact Us" form (upper right corner of this page) so we can contact you to discuss this further. If you have not heard from us in a reasonable timeframe, please email mrobinson AT (Remove spaces and replace AT with the symbol.)

Dealer Fees:
One month: $10
Three months: $25

Thank you for your support of our ministry at!