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Curricula and Learning Links - Special Education

Index Page Resources

ADD/ADHD: Suggestions to Help Without Medication
Try applying these ideas consistently before giving in to medications!

Deciding Whether to Homeschool the Autistic Child
Advice from a homeschooling mom who has traveled this road.

Homeschooling the Tourette's Syndrome Child
Uplifting testimonies and links.

How to Help Your Autistic Child
Ideas for dealing with the autistic diagnosis.

Poor Memory Recall
Ideas for parents of children who remember high interest items but not their schoolwork.

Books, sites, and games to help you help your special needs child.

Sensory Integration Disorder
Ideas for helping with sensory stimulation for special needs children.

Starting Points for Working with Your Special Needs Child

Vision Issues
Help for dyslexia and other vision issues that affect both behavior and learning.

Why A Child Won't Read Articles and Interviews to Help with Special Situations

The Influence of Learning Styles in Home Education
An Question/Answer Session with Mariaemma Willis and Victoria Kindle Hodson, authors of Discover Your Child's Learning Style

A "Different" Learner
Encouragement to Homeschooling Parents with LD Children by Heidi in IN

Frequently Asked Questions about Special Situations
Answers about gifted children, disabled children, and other special situations.

Questions and Answers about Styles
Quick answers on learning styles and teaching methods Reviews of Books About Special Situations

Links to Resources To Help With Special Needs