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Curricula and Learning Links - Science

Living Science Books About Space

Amazon links are shown. Some books may be out of print, so please be sure to check AbeBooks and Alibris for availability of out-of-print treasures. Thanks for using links to help support this website.

For Grades K-3

Bendick, Jeanne. Artificial Satellites: Helpers in Space and Comets and Meteors: Visitors from Space
Branley, Franklyn M. The Moon Seems to Change, The Planets in Our Solar System, Rockets and Satellites, The Big Dipper and What Makes Day and Night
Calmenson, Stephanie. My Book of the Seasons
Fradin, Dennis. Spacelab
Friskey, Margaret. Space Shuttles
Gorey, Edward and Peter Neumeyer. Why We Have Day and Night
Hamer, Martyn. Night Sky
Jackson, Kim. The Planets
Jay, Michael. Planets
The Starry Sky by Patrick Moore. Astronomy for ages 4-8.
The Stars: A New Way to See Them by H.A. Rey.
Find the Constellations by H.A. Rey.

For Grades 4-6

Adams, Richard. Our Wonderful Solar System
Adler, Irving. The Stars: Decoding Their Messages
Alexander, Kent. The Kid's Book of Space Flight and Space Stations
Asimov, Isaac. Ancient Astronomy and Projects in Astronomy
Berger, Melvin. Bright Stars, Red Giants and White Dwarfs
Branley, Franklyn M. Star Guide
Cabellero, Jane A. Aerospace Projects for Young Children
Couper, Heather and Nigel Henbest. The Moon
Fichter, George S. Comets and Meteors
Furniss, Tim. Let's Look at Outer Space
Gallant, Roy A. Once Around the Galaxy
Gardner, Robert. Projects in Space Science
Lauber, Patricia. Journey to the Planets
Lewellen, John. Moon, Sun, and Stars
Myring, Lynn. Sun, Moon and Planets
Ridpath, Ian. Space
Riley, Peter D. The Earth and Space
Simon, Seymour. The Long Journey from Space
Vogt, Gregory. Mars and the Inner Planets and Space Laboratories
Wood, Robert. Thirty-Nine Easy Astronomy Experiments

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