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Curricula and Learning Links - Science

Living Science Books About Plants and the Environment

Amazon links are shown. Some books may be out of print, so please be sure to check AbeBooks and Alibris for availability of out-of-print treasures. Thanks for using links to help support this website.

For Grades K-3

Busch, Phyllis. Cactus in the Desert
Challand, Helen. Plants Without Seeds
Gibbons, Gail. From Seed to Plant
Kirkpatrick, Rena K. Look at Seeds and Weeds
Kuchalla, Susan. All About Seeds
Lauber, Patricia. Seeds: Pop, Stick, Glide
Miner, O. Irene. Plants We Know
Moncure, Jane B. What Plants Need
Penn, Linda. Wild Plants and Animals
Selsam, Millicent E. and Joyce Hunt. A First Look at Flowers
Taylor, Barbara. Growing Plants
Webster, Vera. Plant Experiments

For Grades 4-6

Bates, Jeffrey. Seeds to Plants: Projects with Botany
Cochrane, Jennifer. Plant Ecology
Coldrey, Jennifer. Discovering Flowering Plants
Conway, Lorraine. Plants
and Plants and Animals in Nature
Gallant, Roy A. Earth's Vanishing Forests
Holly, Brian. Plants and Flowers
Hogner, Dorothy Childs. Endangered Plants
Lambert, Mark. Plant Life
Leutscher, Alfred. Flowering Plants
Marcus, Elizabeth. Amazing World of Plants
Sabin, Louis. Plants, Seeds, and Flowers

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