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Curricula and Learning Links - Science

Living Science Books About Simple Machines

Amazon links are shown. Some books may be out of print, so please be sure to check AbeBooks and Alibris for availability of out-of-print treasures. Thanks for using links to help support this website.

For Grades K-3:

Barton, Bryon. Machines at Work
Gibbons, Gail. Tool Book
Kiley, Denise. Biggest Machines
Lampton, Christopher. Sailboats, Flag Poles, Cranes: Using Pulleys as Simple Machines
Lauber, Patricia. Get Ready for Robots
Rockwell, Anne and Harlow. Machines
Robbins, Ken. Tools
Wade, Harlan. A Book About Gears
and The Lever
Weiss, Harvey. The World of Machines
Wilkin, Fred. Machines
Wyler, Rose. Science Fun with Toy Cars and Trucks

For Grades 4-6:

Adkins, Jan. Moving Heavy Things
Bains, Rae. Simple Machines
Barrett, Norman S. Robots
Brown, William F. and Mary G. Wood Works: Experiments with Common Wood and Tools
Fleisher, Paul and Patricia Keeler. Looking Inside: Machines and Constructions
Gardner, Robert. This Is the Way It Works
Hellman, Hal. The Lever and the Pulley
James, Elizabeth and Carol Barkin. The Simple Facts of Simple Machines
Jupo, Frank. The Story of Things (Tools)
Lefkowitz, R.J Push! Pull! Stop! Go! A Book About Forces and Motion
Taylor, Barbara. Force and Movement
Weiss, Harvey. Machines and How They Work

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