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Curricula and Learning Links - Science

Living Science Books About Light and Color

Amazon links are shown. Some books may be out of print, so please be sure to check AbeBooks and Alibris for availability of out-of-print treasures. Thanks for using links to help support this website.

For Grades K-3

Bains, Rae. Light
Broeckel, Ray. Experiments with Light
Carle, Eric. My Very First Book of Colors
Carroll, Jeri. The Complete Color Book
Crews, Donald. Light
Goor, Ron and Nancy. Shadows: Here, There, Everywhere
Smith, Kathie B and Victoria Crenson. Seeing
Taylor, Barbara. Bouncing and Bending Light

For Grades 4-6

Ardley, Neil. Science Book of Color and Science Book of Light
Asimov, Isaac. How Did We Find Out About the Speed of Light
Cooper, Miriam. Snap! Photography
DeBruin, Jerry. Young Scientists Explore Light and Color
Hecht, Jeff, Optics: Light for a New Age
Hill, Julie and Julien. Looking at Light and Color
Simon, Hilda. The Magic of Color
Simon, Seymour. Mirror Magic
Walpole, Brenda. Light
Ward, Alan. Experimenting with Light and Illusions
Wilkins, Mary-Jane. Air, Light, and Water
Whyman, Kathryn. Light and Lasers

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