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Young Patriots Series

from Patria Press

Reviewed by Mary Leggewie

Updated 2008 by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Young Patriots Series published by Patria Press. Hardback $15.95, paperback $9.95. Published by Patria Press. Please support by buying these books from our Amazon affiliate link.

What a thrilling surprise to discover that Patria Press is reprinting some classic old titles that are so hard to find! As of this time, Patria Press has reprinted fourteen titles, formerly of the popular Childhood of Famous Americans series:

These books have delighted countless numbers of readers of all ages for many years. While written on an elementary school grade level, even my oldest child (now 15) enjoys listening to me read these at night as a read-aloud. My youngest has enjoyed these since kindergarten. I like to call these books "school in disguise;" the children learn history the painless and enjoyable way.

Each book starts off with the childhood of the hero of the book, and shows many of his trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Most of the books have a few chapters at the end which portray the hero as an adult, noting many of his accomplishments. A timeline is included of major events in the life of the hero.

Care has been taken to use the original text, although there has been some minor editing to update words that are no longer currently used. No historical events have been altered in any way.

The publisher has gone to great lengths to include beautiful artwork within each book, and the hardback bindings are of library quality and should last for many years (and many children and grandchildren). The quality of these books definitely justifies a slightly higher-than-usual price for mass-market books.

Lesson plans and on-line links for more information can be found on the Patria Press web site. They include discussion questions, activities, and other resources for further research.

Recommendation: These are favorites with my children. I intend to collect the entire set, and look forward to tossing out some of my old worn 1950's copies with these beautiful ones. Make history come alive for your children as it has for mine with the help of books like these. Kudos to Patria Press! resources related to this review:'s History Section where you will find many "living" history resources!
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