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Something Worthwhile

by Yvonne Mutch

Reviewed by Carly Robinson

Purchase details: Something Worthwhile," Beginner and Intermediate copy books. Paperback, spiral bound, 130 pages each, $16.95 and $17.95. Parents may copy pages for family members. Available from the publisher, Latin in the Christian Trivium.

After your child has mastered writing letters and sentences, what should he write? "Something worthwhile," says Yvonne Mutch, author of Something Worthwhile Handwriting Exercises. This easy-to-use curriculum consists of quotes, verses of songs and poems, and historical excerpts for the student to copy in printing or cursive.

The program has two levels. The Beginning level is designed for the mid-elementary student, with easy-to-read print and plenty of room to copy the verse. The verses become slightly longer throughout the year as the student's handwriting and writing skills progress.

The Intermediate level is considerably advanced, with a smaller, although still easy-to-read, font and longer quotations. The student still has plenty of room to copy the verses, but the author assumes that the student's handwriting has become neater and smaller, so the lines are not spaced out as much as in the previous level. A great variety of literature, ranging from Thucydides to Patrick Henry to Pope John Paul II to the Battle Hymn of the Republic, is included for copying.

Recommendation: Something Worthwhile is not only a chance for the student to improve his handwriting, but also for him to gain in knowledge. Charlotte Mason and classical homeschoolers will particularly enjoy this curriculum. resources related to this review:

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