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William & Catherine
The Life and Legacy of the Booths
Founders of the Salvation Army

by Trevor Yaxley

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: William & Catherine, The Life and Legacy of the Booths, Founders of the Salvation Army by Trevor Yaxley. Published by Bethany House. Hardcover, 304 pages, $19.99. Please support by buying this program from our ChristianBookDistributors link or Amazon affiliate link.

Both William Booth and Catherine Mumford Booth placed their faith in Christ at a young age. Married when William was in training to be a minister, the couple shared a strong interest in bringing Jesus to the desperately poor people of England who did not have the finances and clothing to attend established churches. When the Methodist Church hierarchy discouraged the Booths from evangelizing, they took a leap of faith in going out on their own, eventually forming what became The Salvation Army. Feeding the poor, preaching against drinking, saving girls from prostitution, and nurturing those new to the faith were just a few of the many outstanding contributions that the Booths made to late nineteenth century England. Believing that women were also called by the Lord to preach and minister, the Booths shared their passion for and the responsibilities of bringing Christ to people all over the world despite obstacles from church hierarchy and physical and verbal abuse from the public. Using many quotations from the Booths' letters and documents, this book traces in detail the lives of these inspiring individuals.

Recommendation: William & Catherine is a fascinating book about a couple whose commitment to spreading the Gospel will leave the reader awestruck. The sacrifices made by the Booths are sure to lead the reader to consider his own level of commitment to the Christian faith. William & Catherine is an outstanding book for parents to enjoy and will serve as a "living history" book for high school aged students studying the nineteenth century.

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