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Sing Along With the Weather Dude

by Nick Walker

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Sing Along With the Weather Dude by Nick Walker. CD and 20 page, paperback activity book. $15.98. Please support by buying this program from our Amazon affiliate link. Find interesting weather facts at the Weather Dude site.

Sing Along With the Weather Dude is a music CD and activity book supplement for weather studies. The author/singer, Nick Walker, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel, recorded this CD to help make learning about weather fun.

The activity book includes song lyrics, educational information, and experiments. Basic information about seasons, clouds, wind and air pressure, and the water cycle appear. A chart for making the child's own forecast follows a page on weather forecasting tools. Several simple experiments suitable to young children are also shown.

The CD contains ten songs in a pop/rock style with a mixture of slow and fast music. The tunes are simple with good rhythm that encourages children to get up and move. One of the first songs on the CD has an alphabet of meteorology terms with a particularly appealing sound.

Recommendation: Sing Along With the Weather Dude is a fun supplement that is bound to increase interest and excitement in studying the weather. The activity book could be better organized, but it is very helpful particularly in relating the songs to specific topics. More in-depth books will be required to make a solid weather study.

Our Experience: My children love this CD. They enjoyed singing along and used the activity book to help them with the lyrics. resources related to this review:'s Meteorology Page's Science section
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